Brand new genital ring cannot avoid sexually sent infection (STIs)

Brand new genital ring cannot avoid sexually sent infection (STIs)

If the utilized accurately, the vaginal band is over 99% energetic. This means that fewer than 1 girl from every a hundred which use the genital band just like the contraception will end up pregnant when you look at the 1 year.

Brand new ring can sometimes appear naturally, but you can clean it inside the hot-water and put it back into as quickly as possible. You might need crisis birth-control, depending on how long it’s been out.

The band works

The brand new ring continually launches oestrogen and you will progestogen, being artificial sizes of the hormones that will be needless to say create by the ovaries. This:

  • decrease ovulation
  • thickens vaginal mucus, which makes it more difficult to own cum locate owing to
  • thins the lining of one’s womb to ensure an enthusiastic egg are less likely to want to enhancement indeed there

By using the vaginal ring

You can start using the vaginal band when during your own period. You leave it set for 21 days, upcoming eliminate it and get an effective eight-date ring-free split. You may be shielded from maternity when you look at the ring-free crack. You then lay a unique ring-in for another 21 days.

You’re going to be protected from pregnancy right away if you insert they into first day of period (the initial day’s your cycle). You will never feel protected from pregnancy for folks who begin using it at any other amount of time in your period. Continuă lectura „Brand new genital ring cannot avoid sexually sent infection (STIs)”